About Evan Harris

What began as a birth defect may have been one of the greatest gifts. Evan Harris was born with “supernumeraries” (extra teeth). While having an extra amount of most things is great, having extra teeth and only so much room to accommodate them was a problem. When these extra teeth came in, they began to make Evan’s other teeth grow in at angles and positions that he felt looked like a “train wreck.”

Evan’s baseball little league coach happened to be a dentist and asked him if it would be okay if he talked to his dad about fixing his teeth. The next thing Evan knew, he was going to his baseball coach’s dental office. Evan admired his coach and became more involved in his treatment as his coach explained every step of the plan towards fixing his teeth. From that moment on, Evan knew that he wanted to work in the dental industry just like Coach.

Evan later attended San Diego State University, where he met the girl of his dreams. They made a pact to go to dental school together after finishing college. Later, Evan discovered a company called Patterson Dental, when representatives came to his school to interview recent graduates for a position in San Diego. Evan called Coach to learn more about the company, learning that Patterson Dental was the company from which he purchased all his dental supplies and equipment. Coach encouraged Evan to work for them before pursuing dental school, and that’s exactly what Evan did.

In 1995 Evan got the job at Patterson Dental as a sales representative taking care of dentists across San Diego County. Evan loved it so much that he told his now wife that he wanted to keep working there “just one more year” before going on to dental school. Soon Evan and his wife started a family with two sons, and her parents moved to San Diego to be closer to her. Evan has found the best way to follow his passion for dentistry; supporting the artist known as the dentist.

Evan Harris of Patterson Dental in San Diego, California is excited about delivering the advantage of working with a dental supply company unmatched in their commitment to your growth and success. Dentistry is one of today’s most rewarding professions, but it can be a challenging one. Evan’s primary goal is to create a service that helps you overcome the challenges, so you can experience the very best dentistry has to offer.