• Patterson Education Center

    Patterson Education Center

    Our San Diego based Patterson Education Center is dedicated to providing the best in dental and personal education. Dentistry is one of today’s most rewarding professions. It can be a challenging one too. At our Patterson Education Center we provide the courses that helps you overcome the challenges, so you can experience the very best dentistry has to offer. Please visit our website www.PattersonEDU.com.

  • CAD/CAM Dentist Study Club

    CAD/CAM Dentist Study Club

    The San Diego Patterson Education Center is home to CAD/CAM Dentist Study Club, the largest CAD/CAM Study Club in the nation. CADCAMdentists.com is where you the patient can learn about dental CAD/CAM technology and get connected to a dentist in your local area. We provide information on the procedure and technology behind CAD/CAM technology, to help patients make an informed decision about their dental care. If you feel like dental CAD/CAM is the right choice for you, you can use our CAD/CAM Dentists Finder to locate a dentist in your area.

  • sdCADCAMp


    An exclusive invitation for those who want to discover more about Digital Impressioning & CAD/CAM technology.

    • sdCAD/CAMp is an opportunity to get immersed in the world of CAD/CAM, gaining the education in digital impressioning and in-office milling.
    • Benefit from one-on-one, education from San Diego’s top CAD/CAM trainers as well as your local Specialists.
    • At the completion of our evening you will be trained to immediately put the technology to use in your practice.
      • CAD/CAM concepts we will review will involve:
      • Restorative
      • Orthodontics
      • Implants (surgical guides, custom abutments)
  • A-dec Educational Experience

    A-dec Educational Experience

    Create Your Future by joining me on an A-dec Educational Experience Trip … a journey of discovery!

    Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, A-dec has built it’s reputation on quality, reliability and customer service. Since 1964, A-dec has continued to develop creative solutions for the betterment of dentistry worldwide while creating an incredible work environment for their employees.

    Touring the A-dec campus will provide you with an understanding of why A-dec’sproducts dominate the equipment choice of dental practices. An A-dec Educational Experience Trip will afford you the opportunity of reviewing the 22 rooms of equipment on display. The various equipment room configurations allow for you to judge numerous styles of delivery, for you to experience different delivery options, and a preview of the many configurations of dental treatment room furniture available from A-dec. A host of color choices, treatment room finishes and styles are also part of the display.

    As you know, there are no two dentists that are alike and therefore there are no two dentists that practice identically. This is why we recommend visiting A-dec and taking the time to see all the potential choices and configurations firsthand. This will help ensure that your new dental office or your new operatories are exactly what works best for you and the way your practice works.