• Inventory Control

    Inventory Control

    We believe that an organized team is a winning team. I will provide your dental practice with the tools necessary to manage your supply overhead costs. We will begin by discussing a budget approach to handle your dental office supply needs. Our goal is to work towards operating a dental office that enjoys significantly lower overhead percentages and valuable staff time dedicated to patient experiences.

    If you do not have an exact monthly supply budget, be warned that I may lecture you. This particular area of your practice is one that I am amazing at. We will reserve an entire day to organize your team in the four critical areas of Dental Supplies:

    • An organization system for dental supplies customized to your office
    • Minimization of dental supply cost
    • Value-added strategic investing
    • Team unity for expense efficiencies
  • ICC Story

    ICC Story

    A-dec ICC Sterilization Centers

    Everything about your sterilization center needs to be designed for intuitive flow following the CDC guidelines for instrument processing protocols. At the same time, there needs to be a focus on streamlining the flow of materials and increasing the efficiencies and of turnaround times in your operatories.

    Your dental office has space constraints, specific configurations of small equipment in sterilization, and required throughput necessary to adequately support your patient flow. All of these variables will be taken into account by me in order to best design your space and needs.

  • Treatment Room Efficiencies

    Treatment Room Efficiencies

    Material Management is key to a successful practice. Clutter drawers = stress and chaos. I will guide you through organizing your materials by procedure with Zirc’s Tubs and take the stress out of your day-to-day operations. You’ll have everything you need in one tub that can be easily transported from storage to operatory and you’ll lower your material costs by not stocking every treatment room with procedure specific materials. Small Changes. Big Results.

  • Instrument Management System

    Instrument Management System


    Hu-Friedy’s IMS is an integrated office Instrument Management System designed to keep instruments organized and intact from cleaning to chairside. It eliminates instrument scrubbing and sorting, protects against breakage, and reduces the risk of injury. With this system I will show you how your dental practice can:

    • Save 5 to 10 minutes per procedure
    • Take on larger revenue generating procedures
    • Provide extended patient care such as consultations
    • Schedule follow-up appointments
    • Catch up on annual education requirements
    • Improve the patient’s experience
    • Increase staff morale