• Anesthetic Free Dentistry

    Anesthetic Free Dentistry

    Solea® Provides A Zero-Anxiety Experience

    Patients want noise-free, needle-free, blood-free, suture-free experiences. When you take the sources of anxiety out of the experience, you get more patients and keep them longer. New patients referrals go up, and attrition goes down. You can market Solea or just let your patients do it for you. Solea patients talk about their experience because its unique. They tell their friends and you reap the benefits.

  • Single Visit Dentistry

    Single Visit Dentistry

    New tooth all the way to a New Smile in ONE VISIT. Offering Single Visit Dentistry is why more patients are choosing CAD/CAM Dentists​ verse traditionally provided 2 appointment dental procedures. CAD/CAM technology is proven by hundreds of clinical studies and is offered by thousands of dentists to millions of patients around the world each year.​ Ask me about the World of

  • Comprehensive Diagnostics

    Comprehensive Diagnostics

    Complete Dental Health is possible when patients receive Comprehensive Diagnostics. We have the ability to keep our teeth a lifetime and we know that people purchase what they understand & value. My job is to teach you how to master the delivery of Comprehensive Diagnostics leveraging dental Technologies.

  • CAD Smiles

    CAD Smiles


    CAD Smiles is an innovative way to cater to a person that wants a new smile without having a second appointment. We will go to the office, design your smile while you are in the chair, customize and finish it within only a few hours. CAD Smiles provides an excellent service to CAD/CAM dentists and delivers a high quality product with 100% success.