• Practice Analysis

    Practice Analysis

    Evan Harris has over 25 years of experience working with hundreds of customers to provide a better patient experience. Through his work with these customers, he discovered a unique ability to help dentists grow their practice. Too many dental practices are stagnant today and can benefit from Walter Turner’s (or Brian Michaud’s or Evan Harris’s) experience.

    To begin the process, Evan Harris will provide you with a thorough practice analysis. This analysis will spotlight the ways in which the practice shines, as well as potential opportunities.

    Once complete, Evan will schedule an on-point meeting with you to discuss the results and discover if you are ready to explore potential changes.

  • Collaboration


    Once the potential has been un-covered, it may be time for changes. Evan will work with you to set goals, make a plan and execute that plan. Evan works collaboratively with you, much like a personal trainer works with a client. Evan has incredible knowledge as well as a comprehensive set of tools, and articles to assist you in hitting your goals. With your hard work ON your business and Evan’s guidance, the results are a collaborative effort that leads to success!

  • Team Training

    Team Training

    Successfully improving the patient experience and growing a dental practice is all about people. Without your incredible team, changes will be hard to come by.

    Every team has different strengths and weaknesses. Evan has been educating and training dental teams throughout his career. Evan will work with your team on everything from how to get a patient to appoint for treatment to how to create an organized, efficient operatory, and everything in between. Evan’s knowledge extends throughout the dental practice, but he also doesn’t know everything. He maintains a network of dental professionals of whom he trusts to expertly guide you in the event he needs to rely upon them.